Richmond Park School – Joy in Learning

🥰 As we told you on other occasions, we feel especially attached to this project.

We collaborate with them from the beginning and that’s why it was very emotive seeing how they welcomed their first students this year.

Looking ahead to 2020/21 Richmond Park School continues to grow based on its pillars: British curriculum 🇬🇧, creativity 🎨 and sports 🏀.

Its goal? Joy in learning.

VELUX’s new online magazine

🏙Diseñar para la vida is the brand new online magazine that we’ve created for VELUX.

🤯A place made by and for architects, where be inspired,  informed about news and laws, and where publish their work 🙌

Meet Óscar, the new member of the Acute team 🙌

Óscar: Graphic and UX Designer. He was about to start working with us when COVID-19 arrived. After theses months, he is finally part of our team!☺️  Now we count on a brand new point of view for the projects, which is always positive and help us to keep growing 💪

Acute Reunion 🤩

Finally! 👏 After 3 months apart, last Friday we spent time together. We changed the screens and the online meetings for an awesome paella 🥘 The best way to recharge energy to continue teleworking all summer 💪

See you in September, mates ❤️!

Times of Change

Brands are born, grow, react, evolve… but if they don’t adapt on time, they also may die 😰What time is your company at? What could you do to keep growing? Discover it here.

World Design Day

🎨When we design a new brand’s graphic identity, we start from several creative paths, from which different proposals are born. Today on our Instagram profile  we show you some of them that we love ❤️, but were not the chosen ones. Do you like them? Don’t stop designing! 🤘

5 Books To Design Meaningful Business

If you’re interested in brands and branding, our strategic creativity projects’ director, Mario Vega, recommends here his 🔝of books to design meaningful business:

1️⃣Start With Why – Simon Sinek

2️⃣Small Data – Martin Lindstrom

3️⃣Creative Process Design – Alejandro Masferrer

4️⃣Sprint of Google Ventures – Jake Knapp

5️⃣Black Brands – Fernando Olivares

Happy World Book Day!

Turn your big idea into a big brand

💡If you have an idea
If you feel like doing things on your own way.
If you want to start a new business.

👣 We share with you the tips you need to turn your big idea into a big brand, and we help you take the first steps.

Click here for more info!

My new daily routine: Mario

Hello! I’m Mario Vega and I direct strategic creativity projects and lately I study the studio’s processes and the clients🤔

⚠️My advice: If you feel lucky, hold on to that and don’t give it any more thought. Divert your mind: work, online courses… (there are many, very good and free). And the little time you can leave your house for a necessary errand, try to enjoy it, it may sound weird, but it has really worked for me.

If you want to know more about my new daily routine, I tell it you on our Instagram profile.

My new daily routine: Marina

Hello! I’m Marina, Acute’s Copywriter.

I admit it: adapting to this situation is being hard for me. But there are some things that help me to feel better: singing, video calls with my friends, exercising and watching The Office. ⚠️ My advice: be understanding of ourselves 🤗 and understand that we can’t be happy all the time.

If you want to know more about my new daily routine, I tell it you on our Instagram profile.

My new daily routine: Jonathan

Hello, I am Jonathan and I am the Acute’s Developer.

💪 What’s helping me the most these days is disconnecting after the work day with some indoor race 🏃🏻‍♂️ or some training 🏋🏻‍♂️ When all this situation pass by, I will visit to my family 🔜 and of course I will enjoy of a good restaurant 🍽️

If you want to know more about my new daily routine, I tell it you on our Instagram profile.

My new daily routine: Jose

Hi there! I am Jose and I’m the Projects’ and Production’s Director, and Co-founder of Acute & Creative.

I miss walking around and spending time with my family and friends. It is helping me to be with my partner and my daughter (she’s the one who carries the quarantine the best) 👨‍👩‍👧, to do some exercise 🚲 many video calls from family and friends 🍺 and to play parcheesi online 🥇

If you want to know more about my new daily routine, I tell it you on our Instagram profile.

My new daily routine: Giulia

Hi there! I’m Giulia, graphic designer and art director at Acute & Creative.

These days I am taking advantage to dedicate time to my passion, cooking! 🍰🍪 Also, I’m learning to paint with watercolors. It is a good time to learn something new 💞🖌️

If you want to know more about my new daily routine, I tell it you on our Instagram profile.

My new daily routine: Sonia

Hi there! I’m Sonia and I’m graphic designer at Acute 👋

⚠️My advice: do that things that live on your to-do list because you don’t have time or because you’re always tired. It’s time to be creative and enjoy what we love the most: our hobbies 💞

If you want to know more about my new daily routine, I tell it you on our Instagram profile.

My new daily routine: Celina

Hello! I’m Celina and I’m the Motion Designer at Acute. What has helped me the most is to meditate 🧘🏻‍♀️ and to use my free time for things I never had the time: like learning to illustrate 🖍️or reading this book at the nightstand 📖 But what I like the most is being able to make sourdough bread 🥖, which requires a lot of time and patience 😍

If you want to know more about my new daily routine, I tell it you on our Instagram profile.


My new daily routine: Rubén

Hi there! I’m Rubén, graphic designer and art director at Acute. Something that is helping me is the “no over-information” ⛔🙅🏻‍♂️ I’ve detected a couple of sources and I do not look much further. I’m running away from WhatsApp a lot 📴. My advice: you should search for a couple of trustworthy sources and learn how to handle that information correctly.

If you want to know more about my new daily routine, I tell it you on our Instagram profile.

My new daily routine: Romain

Hi! I’m Romain.  Acute & Creative’s CEO and Co-founder.
In this time of quarantine, it helps me to stay active 👨🏻‍💻📃 work and prepare for what comes next. It also helps to see that children adapt without asking too much. If they can, we can too. I draw a Pokemon a day ✏️ It relaxes me and my son really likes it.

If you want to know more about my new daily routine, I tell it you on our Instagram profile.

Emotional Stability in COVID-19 period

Hi! How are you? These COVID-19 days, maintaining emotional stability is getting harder. For this reason, we’ve been inspired by the Official College of Psychology of Madrid’s recommendations and we’ve launched these 5 Recommendations To Keep Being a Person In Times Of Coronavirus and Quarantine Encouragement!


Since yesterday we launched the telework protocol. We miss each other a lot 💔 but we’re sure that it’s the best possible measure to stop COVID-19 💪

Acute & VELUX

What joy when new projects arrive! 🤩 A new client has trusted us, VELUX. They’re known for their flagship product: roof windows, but they offer sooo much more. Their goal is to create better living environments for everyone: more light ☀️ and more fresh air 🌬 Did you know that we spend 90% of our time indoors?

Internacional Women’s Day

We picked 9 powerful messages from the feminist revolution and gave them our design touch. In this link we share our three versions of each message in A3 format. They’re ready to print, tune and go out with you on the streets. If you go to the #8M rally, don’t forget your banner! What is your favorite message?

Carmila Event – Your client’s center

This is the video Carmila España  asked us to produce few weeks ago☺️. Thank you so much for trusting us to help you communicate your achievements and projects! Do you know what Carmila Event is? Discover it here!


A different day in Acute & Creative 😋. We reviewed our 2020 goals and spent the afternoon together outside the studio. What a Monday!

#AcuteandYou  #Team  #Monday  #Branding  #Goals

Linkfra is out now!

It’s very emotional when the brands we’ve created come alive. It makes us feel hugely proud and happy. After a couple of years, Linkfra is already out. In a few days we’ll tell you more about this brand. Meanwhile, here is its website. Good luck!

Ideation room, going!

Presenting our new room! 👏We’ll take advantage of it to dedicate much more energy (and space) to creative meetings, workshops and group dynamics… To whatever that comes to our minds.
#Workshop #Branding #BrandStrategy #Think

Confetti Xmas Party

Yesterday we celebrated Confetti Xmas Party 🥳  We’re very grateful to everyone who came to spend some time with us. Life with confetti is a better life! #ACUTEXMAS  #CONFETTIPARTY

Get to know the Ecoelum’s online store

Do you know the branding work we did for Ecoelum? We’re very proud to announce that the brand is already activated. You can now discover its fantastic eco-friendly cosmetics products in its online store.

Visual Thinking Workshop with XPLANE

Last Wednesday, our CCO Mario Vega participated in the first Visual Thinking Lab in Madrid, which was guided by Nati Rodriguez (XPLANE). It was a kind of talk/workshop very dynamic in which people learn how to think visually surrounded by great professionals as her team and the rest of the lab’s participants. Thank you! See you soon 🙂

Memoji Cups A&C

Look at our super Memoji Cups here! The silent war of getting cups for morning coffee is over. We all have our personalized cup and, in addition, we also have special ones for our clients.

Our designs on Meninas Madrid Gallery 2019

Look what we found in Madrid: her name is Theia (like the Greek goddess of vision) and she’s one of the 54 sculptures part of the Meninas Madrid Gallery this year. We love the look that Antonio Azzato has thought for Theia because if you pay attention to her dress, she’s wearing the logo we designed for Fundación ALAIN AFFLELOU. What a joy to see our work in such a beautiful project!

Breakfast Acute & Afflelou

Briefs, projects, deadlines, calls … So that in the midst of such a task we do not forget that we work with people, sometimes it’s necessary to turn off the screens and change the routine. That’s why this morning we’ve invited the Afflelou team to the office, where we shared impressions with coffee and got to know each other a little better.

The Amazon Experience

There’s no day when Amazon doesn’t stop by our office. So today we decided to change roles to pay them a visit. We’ve been in its logistic center MAD4 observing everything that happens after our clicks: a very efficient process in which quality, agility, and the experience and privacy of the user are priorities.

We keep growing: Marina López

After a few months as a trainee, Marina has wanted to be part of our team and has assumed the role of copywriter of the study. She participates in the documentation and brand creation processes, although she’s also our personal grammar and spelling teacher. We’re glad to have you!

Acute & Creative at Brandstocker

The interview with Romain Herfort, our CSO and co-founder, is now available on Brandstocker’s podcast, creative studio directed by Ruben Galgo. From the beginning of Acute & Creative to our recent incorporation as Aebrand’s partners; click here if you if you wanna know how do we live branding and and some curious anecdotes about these years. Thank you, Ruben, for the pleasant time we had!

Acute & Creative in El Publicista

We recently received the Yearbook of Advertising Agencies of El Publicista and in the studio we cannot be happier: this year you can find Acute & Creative among its pages.

Wifi ++

Carmila has installed a free and ultra-fast Wi-Fi network in all their shopping centers and we’ve helped them with the design of the promotional campaign: vinyls, OOH advertising, covers for social media … Here you can see the video that we have prepared to report the news to all their customers.

Richmond Park School is open!

On September 10th the Richmond Park School was opened to the first enrolled students. We feel extremely happy after all the effort and work we’ve made designing the brand and its communication elements. We want to keep doing our best for such a beautiful project.

Brand new photo studio!

We’ve begun the week by giving photography a jump-start in our new photo studio. We are especially excited to start this adventure with the fantastic Ecoelum products. They offer ecological cosmetics made with extra virgin olive oil as its base and they have very little left to launch them into the market. We’re very proud to have participated from the beginning in the process of creating the brand and we’re sure that they will succeed. Next step: edition!

You’re on our new website

Welcome to our new website! We’ve included updated works, and news such as this section, which we have called Stories. Here you can find information about the projects we’re working on, about our clients, comments about the sector’s news and posts about life in the studio.