Filming at Richmond Park School 🎥

We love a challenge. And we’re not just saying that to make ourselves look good.

If we commit, we go all in. With a drone if necessary.

And for the new video we’re preparing for Richmond Park School💚 , we really needed it.

Until we can show you the final result, we leave you some hot images of these days of filming.

Cool, huh? 😏

Thanks to Aerial Productions for these days of teamwork 🙌


New year, new clients!

We started 2022 by guiding the production company Vostok Films to rebrand itself from top to bottom, and we’re off and running! 👟

First stage: 🔍 Analysis 🔍 Here the aim is to gain an in-depth understanding of how our client’s universe and its sector work:

1️⃣ How our client’s brand is now and what it wants to be.

2️⃣ Who their ideal customer is and what they expect from them.

3️⃣ How others are doing.

Analysis is the stage we spend the most time on. It is essential for everything to run smoothly in the following stages 🗣 Branding project for Vostok Films. Stage 1 ✋ Preventive!

🎧 Sound?

🎥 Camera?

🎬 Action!

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New client! Sector Alarm

🚨 Attention, scoop! 🚨

We are delighted to announce our new relationship with Sector Alarm Group.

We started working together a few months ago and we’ve already got the hang of it 💃

What do we do together?
🧠 We develop creative concepts, campaigns, copywriting and adaptation of offline and online pieces.
🎨 We support your marketing department with a lot of design and motion.
🎥 We manage photographic and audiovisual production.

We manage projects for 7 countries and we do it as a team, coordinated and well organised thanks to Asana.

That’s how you activate a great brand!

Shooting situations for the payments sector 🎥

Your customer wonders a lot when they meet you 🤯 “What do you offer?”, “How does it work?”, “Is it easy to use?”

All their questions are cleared up with a video! 🎬 It is the format that most captures our attention as consumers and is key to making the purchase decision.

If it’s fast and clarifying, you’ll save them time and effort (and that’s always a good thing 😍 ️).

Ways to bring brands to life

Finding the voice that makes ✨super match✨ with the voice of our brand.

Today we have counted on the great Nikki García to give life to a great project that we hope to share very soon.

Thank you, Sonomedia for welcoming us back to your home ❤️

Shooting week 📸

We’re not lying to you! 📸 We are on shooting week.

Here you have the graphic evidence of the work we are doing behind the cameras 😏 The key to a good shooting is organisation, teamwork, and and enthusiasm (lots of enthusiasm)!

Soon we will tell you more 🙌

Finishing details ☕️

📸 We’re getting closer to the launch of our new favorite coffee brand.

Is there anything more pleasant than the smell of coffee 🥺 Probably not.

🎙 Morning of voice over in Sonomedia

Preparing something we hope to show you soon.

☺️ Stay tuned!

Tomorrow we talk live about branding

Our CCO & Partner, Mario Vega, and Bjumper’s brand and business manager, Pilar Alcázar are talking tomorrow about branding. How was the redesign of the company that makes life easier for people who manage critical infrastructures.

📌 Sign up here!

Shooting in the studio 😎

📸Shooting for Valentine’s Giveaway ❤️by Alain Afflelou.

The magic behind the cameras in our studio ✨

Here you have the information you need to participate in the lot 🙌

#CómoLoVes by Afflelou – World Sight Day

👀 How long since your last eye-check?

For World Sight Day the Afflelou Foundation has launched #CómoLoVes (How You See It). This interview format allows us to know the real life of people with visual problems. In this chapter, we meet Lola García, who tell us what is like to live with presbyopia.

🥰 It has been amazing to collaborate with this much needed initiative.

👉 Click here to see the whole interview 👈

Richmond Park School – Joy in Learning

🥰 As we told you on other occasions, we feel especially attached to this project.

We collaborate with them from the beginning and that’s why it was very emotive seeing how they welcomed their first students this year.

Looking ahead to 2020/21 Richmond Park School continues to grow based on its pillars: British curriculum 🇬🇧, creativity 🎨 and sports 🏀.

Its goal? Joy in learning.

VELUX’s new online magazine

🏙Diseñar para la vida is the brand new online magazine that we’ve created for VELUX.

🤯A place made by and for architects, where be inspired,  informed about news and laws, and where publish their work 🙌

Times of Change

Brands are born, grow, react, evolve… but if they don’t adapt on time, they also may die 😰What time is your company at? What could you do to keep growing? Discover it here.

World Design Day

🎨When we design a new brand’s graphic identity, we start from several creative paths, from which different proposals are born. Today on our Instagram profile  we show you some of them that we love ❤️, but were not the chosen ones. Do you like them? Don’t stop designing! 🤘

5 Books To Design Meaningful Business

If you’re interested in brands and branding, our strategic creativity projects’ director, Mario Vega, recommends here his 🔝of books to design meaningful business:

1️⃣Start With Why – Simon Sinek

2️⃣Small Data – Martin Lindstrom

3️⃣Creative Process Design – Alejandro Masferrer

4️⃣Sprint of Google Ventures – Jake Knapp

5️⃣Black Brands – Fernando Olivares

Happy World Book Day!

Turn your big idea into a big brand

💡If you have an idea
If you feel like doing things on your own way.
If you want to start a new business.

👣 We share with you the tips you need to turn your big idea into a big brand, and we help you take the first steps.

Click here for more info!

Acute & VELUX

What joy when new projects arrive! 🤩 A new client has trusted us, VELUX. They’re known for their flagship product: roof windows, but they offer sooo much more. Their goal is to create better living environments for everyone: more light ☀️ and more fresh air 🌬 Did you know that we spend 90% of our time indoors?

Carmila Event – Your client’s center

This is the video Carmila España  asked us to produce few weeks ago☺️. Thank you so much for trusting us to help you communicate your achievements and projects! Do you know what Carmila Event is? Discover it here!

Ideation room, going!

Presenting our new room! 👏We’ll take advantage of it to dedicate much more energy (and space) to creative meetings, workshops and group dynamics… To whatever that comes to our minds.
#Workshop #Branding #BrandStrategy #Think

Get to know the Ecoelum’s online store

Do you know the branding work we did for Ecoelum? We’re very proud to announce that the brand is already activated. You can now discover its fantastic eco-friendly cosmetics products in its online store.

Our designs on Meninas Madrid Gallery 2019

Look what we found in Madrid: her name is Theia (like the Greek goddess of vision) and she’s one of the 54 sculptures part of the Meninas Madrid Gallery this year. We love the look that Antonio Azzato has thought for Theia because if you pay attention to her dress, she’s wearing the logo we designed for Fundación ALAIN AFFLELOU. What a joy to see our work in such a beautiful project!

Wifi ++

Carmila has installed a free and ultra-fast Wi-Fi network in all their shopping centers and we’ve helped them with the design of the promotional campaign: vinyls, OOH advertising, covers for social media … Here you can see the video that we have prepared to report the news to all their customers.

Brand new photo studio!

We’ve begun the week by giving photography a jump-start in our new photo studio. We are especially excited to start this adventure with the fantastic Ecoelum products. They offer ecological cosmetics made with extra virgin olive oil as its base and they have very little left to launch them into the market. We’re very proud to have participated from the beginning in the process of creating the brand and we’re sure that they will succeed. Next step: edition!